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Who We Are


Mecanic Voodoo was born during the summer of 2013 when a few music-driven friends decided to launch a new weekly jam project. Right from the start, the concept was simple yet effective: anybody was welcome to come and contribute to the music, no matter who you were, your skill level or what style was being played. And we have stuck to this founding principle: Mecanic Voodoo is a free musical project open to all.


As the months were passing, the project kept on growing, always attracting a wider audience every week. That is the reason why we funded the non-profit organization “Music Platform” that is able to provide us with the legal structure necessary for our growth. This has allowed us to partner up with the a.s.b.l. Communa, who provided us with a much needed new venue for our growing activity. Indeed, Mecanic Voodoo has turned out to attract both the young and the older, all in search of the type of creative freedom we have to offer.


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Our Motivations


The Mecanic Voodoo team works in a completely volunteer way. Our motivation is to build what this city lacks: a meeting place for both musicians and audiences. We are building a musical community that can provide our musicians with the structure they so desperately need in order to not only progress forward, but to simply have a great time on a weekly basis. That is what we are about.


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Our Values


As an open project, we hold very dearly the fact that our parties are free to attend. The purpose is to provide anybody with the opportunity to come and be a part of our community. Mecanic Voodoo acts as a facilitator for musicians from all backgrounds to come together, have a great time and be a part of something bigger. We also mean to create atmospheres that could evoke their own living rooms: we want them to feel as comfortable as possible. Those are precisely the reasons why they come back every week. The project lives off of its bar profits, selling beer, wines and softs.

Our Objectives


Mecanic Voodoo’s main objective is obviously growth. However, we are aware of the drawbacks of uncontrolled buzz and we want to avoid them by all means. Indeed, the mindless promotion of our project would necessarily result in a degradation of our parties’ atmosphere by bringing in audiences that are not familiar with what we are about. That is the reason why we mostly work on a word of mouth basis, because we believe that it is the most effective way to 1) attract the right people, the ones that are going to connect with our vision and 2) build a meaningful movement. We’re going for strength, not speed.

However, we are also open to all kinds of ways to get different people to know our project and share in the music! We believe that partnering up with other organizations is a great way to take this project to the next level.

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 See you soon!

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